Though I've already elucidated this for many times, this is to my new friends.
I'm short-sighted. So I can actually not seeing you clearly when you passby or are nearby me as I don't like putting on glasses. Please don't misunderstand that I'm so arrogant cause not waving at you or not saying hi to you or not responding to you, since I truly cannot recognize you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

When I Was In Office Alone

I was darn free in office since I've checked all labs and laptops & projectors (ops I actually haven't checked the stupid DDKs but well I just let them drowning in poisons for more a while.. keke..). So I was on msn the whole afternoon and there's this bunch of friends who complained "noobie ben when are you gonna upload your noob face huh?" OMG! These ex-coursemates were so make-me-geram since they went back to China! (grr..) Ok so I just "fulfilled their desire" (kaka..) on the spot. And these were how I looked like...

Wahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaa... I was funny huh? But, what's funnier...

Ahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahaha... I couldn't believe that I tried to 扮可爱 aka act cute!!! LMAO~!!!

And, you know what? I found this indian staff was laughing at me when I looked out from office. I guess she watched how I did 扮可爱!! OMG!!! Where should I hide my face? 55555...

People, don't try this when you're alone in office because someone might be observing what you're doing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Flies~

I've always been thinking to go back to my high school life, which was most probably my relax-est life so far.

What sighs me and beams me the most was that I jammed with my band members in our own studio, we performed in the school, in the public, and in front of our ex-es. (laugh..) Despite all the barriers, we had fun. We rent a room as our studio, we set up and decorated it together. We had fun, seriously. I still remember my first ever performance on the stage in my high school for the Hari Pendidikan, it was kinda sweet and sour. My bassist aka Ru, weeped (don't kill me Ru...) cause we met this barrier of gonna-cancel-our-performance. Well we rented all those amps but the unit in charge was about the cancel our performance in the last minute?! Shit! I barely remember the reason but I was sure they didn't have to do that! At last (think maybe the unit in charge saw the pity Ru weeped), they again passed our performance. Lol!! Ru you did the right thing! (keke..) So, the first ever (think so) pop musical band performance in my high school aka Hwa Lian began with honors!! (lol..) I was seriously nervous (my band was, too) in front of about 2k audience. You know, it was our first performance, everyone has got their firsts. (hea hea..) And well, it was a success for God's sake. (cause if not, 2k people would die from noise pollution. lol..) I'm proud to introduce you my co-members: Chee Sin the drummer (chee sin does't mean he's mad okay? lol..), Ding He the keyboardist (a tall and thin guy), Jin Ru the bassist (a silly yet funny dude), Chun Sing the lead guitarist (a shorty but was my all-time bro, and wey he's got lots of admirers leh. keke..), and... Ah Pian the vocalist cum rythmic guitarist (was named ah pian for unknown reason, but that's cool man! LOL!!)

So, when there's a first, there's a second, and so on. We get to show up for a number of performances. In the long journey, my band had some changes to the members. Chee Sin left, Alan aka japanese kid (cuz once he dressed up a japanese and he looked like one) in & left, Heng Yew aka naughty big guy (he's big yet he likes to kidding) in; Chun Sing left, Ah Se aka snake (erm.. nearly physically fight with him but it was all past tenses) in & left, Ho Siong aka Mr.DJ (well he's tall and handsome, despite mong ju ngan that you can't barely see his eyes when he laughs.. don't kill me dj king..) in. So, the longest-lasting and the last form were, Me, Ru, Ho Siong, and Heng Yew.

Oh ya my worst performance ever was in Hwa Lian hall. That's a disaster for me and all my members! I couldn't believe that there're these morons fighting on the floor when my band was performing! WTH!! We need paused in the midde of performance!! WTF!! That really made us fcuking moodless!! %$#@!^&* Okay, let's talk about something better. Erm.. Ah I remember my honor-est performance! My band was invited to perform on Merdeka! (hea hea..) Despite the remuneration was only RM400 since we're "little kids". (55555..) Oh oh oh I remember I drank 川貝枇杷膏 before that, cause actually I used to drink guiness stout before stepping out to the stage. (haha..)

P/S: My band was named Miracle in the beginning stage (seriously forgot whose idea), and then Miracle Creator after I argued that Miracle sounds girlie.

Well my high school life wasn't all about music. I was a basketball school player before I joined my band leh. (hea hea..) I chose number 15 cause I like Vince Carter!! Oh this reminds me of the recent basketball game in uni, I was damn clumsy and ah pek already after years from high school.. (55555..) And that time I chose number 11, ever since Mr Yao Ming joined NBA, I'm in love with this Chinese Superstar! (haha..)

What else what else? (hmm..) Oh ya!! I was a playboy! (sob..) But seriously I wasn't as playboy as my friends who have never been "sued" as a playboys! I never take any physical advantages from all my ex-es. I swear! But too bad my face just couldn't convince people at that time. Rumours spreading that I xxxx and dumped all my ex-es, but only they and god knowed that I didn't even kiss some of them!! (sigh...)

Aiks I wanna upload some pictures of those lar but WTH I didn't keep those pics! (sad..)

Okie I think I should stop right here, cause this already took me a long long long time to finish.

People, try take photos more often cause pictures worth thousand words.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lollipop Is A Weapon

I was hurt by a lollipop this evening!! I was sucking this damned lollipop which I drew it in the Mooncake Festival Celebration among colleagues on this afternoon. I sucked this stupid lollipop cause I remembered that my friends said "sweet stuff make you feel better when you're sad". So I sucked it! (i don't like to suck lollipop anyway but I was sad on that time) But I felt little pain on my tongue all of sudden. I looked at the cursed lollipop and found blood on it! It wounded my tongue!! My tongue bled! It was not hurt but my tongue bled! I could not believe that I was hurt by a lollipop!! Damn it!!!

So, I came up with this conclusion in the end - Your body is so weak when you're sad that even a lollipop could harm you!

People, stay away from LOLLIPOP when you're sad!!