Though I've already elucidated this for many times, this is to my new friends.
I'm short-sighted. So I can actually not seeing you clearly when you passby or are nearby me as I don't like putting on glasses. Please don't misunderstand that I'm so arrogant cause not waving at you or not saying hi to you or not responding to you, since I truly cannot recognize you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Argh~ Tired day.. Met dumpass with bird face that I would beat the face off his fucking head! But too bad I'm a young adult who won't assault in my workplace. Or maybe when I'm off the job? Haha..

Okay, back to the topic. I just wanna ask, if you haven't done your own works, would you offer help to the others which it requires you to sacrifice a relatively long of your own time? The answer should be YES if you're able to have both tasks comfortably accomplished by the deadline. And it should be NO if you are not capable to do it at ease. What for you spend much time on other issues which you're not required to, and which it even makes you sacrifice your own time to sleep to rush for your own matter? You might loss many things many opportunities for not doing things you're supposed to do. You might not even realize that you're suffering yourself for putting yourself into such condition instead of blaming that you got a lot of works to do.

My wise friends, being a good friend to the others is something else but not like that.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm back~ T.T

Hohoho.. It's been a long while since I last updated my blog! I actually had a lot to say, but somehow I was just lazy to sign in blogger and type and type and type..

Uhh my CNY was so-so. The only 'interesting' part for me was I went into Genting casino for hours and I did not play any game! Haha.. I just walked here and there, observing how people gamble, until I felt damn stupid and tired. T.T..
Ohh! And a special thanks to Tyng for the rotten-ing cake! Hahaha.. I know you're not trying to kill me but next time please don't buy cake lar.. >:1

Back to Kampar, everything is still so-so until I had this funny First Aid & CPR Training! Wahahaha~ I practically learned how to bandage wounds and fractures, and perform CPR! And also some knowledge you would be suprised to know!!

Such as, when saving a drowning victim, we should pull his/her hairs instead of pulling or lifting the chin (like what you used to see from tv). It's because it'll possibly damage the victim's jaw and also harden his/her breathe. So gentlements, from now on you should keep your hairs! HAHAHAHAH... And and and, when one is under convulsion or fits (发羊吊), do not put anything into one's mouth! (like what you used to see from tv, put in spoon la, sandals la, fingers la...).. We should just remove any nearby objects and wait for the recovery, and then offer some water for the victim after that. Because...... (relatively long to be written, so you come ask me for the reason la. HAhaha..)

Apart from these, I also learned some theories which I believe you wouldn't like to know.. HAHA.. Ok lar, one example, we breath in about 21% of oxygen and 79% of nitrogen. But we only need 5% of the oxygen, so the rest 16% we blow out from lungs is useful for CPR. Hoho..

Also, I took the paper and practical tests in the end of the training. I'm confident I'll pass distinction-ly but let's hope I won't fail. T>T Once I passed, I would be certified as a First Aider from St John Ambulance! Hehehe... So after that you can come to me when you're injured. (Dai gat lai si~) Haha...

OH YA!! I'm gonna get myself drunk at tonight, wish me luck ok?

People, drink drank drunk~