Though I've already elucidated this for many times, this is to my new friends.
I'm short-sighted. So I can actually not seeing you clearly when you passby or are nearby me as I don't like putting on glasses. Please don't misunderstand that I'm so arrogant cause not waving at you or not saying hi to you or not responding to you, since I truly cannot recognize you.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Haha.. Poor this abandoned blog.. T.T Life been busy lately.. Alright let's start with the h1n1!!

Haha the mask is not cheap you know?! Some bastards selling 5bucks per mask!! Well luckily my company do offer mask for free......and it's 1 mask for each staff.. haha maybe the management wants the employees to wear the same mask for months?? xP People, i heard drinking coconut water can prevent H1N1, what do you think? ?.?

And i had a trip to Sg Pelek, somewhere in Sepang. A bunch of colleagues headed to boss's villa for fun!

Haha i actually took this pic of my colleague-my dear AC-who did not join the trip, but after awhile only i realised that one of the trip gang was driving the Audi TT Coupe!! Omg she's got her eyes to marry a rich husband! @v@ And sorry to AC cuz i shaded ur whole body with ur bike! xD

Alright, the is what i did once i had the chance for a snap with TT.. hehe.. nice car isnt it? But too bad i didnt notice my bad phototaking skill with car, cuz i blocked the right lamp!! T.T

Wonder who's the TT driver? Point your eyes to the black t shirt! haha.. Siew Ching is our software developer..

Andda, life isnt life if without alcohol beverages!! hehehe.. arh im so handsome~ xP

This coke bottle contained the so-called 椰花酒, i didnt try cuz it's damn smelly, smell like shit man~

Cheers~with red wine and coconut.. haha..

Omg! who burned his sausage?! hohoho..

This intruder appeared all of sudden for food! haha it's cute! maybe belong to my boss's neighbour..

The next a zombie? haha..

We then headed to Golden Palm Tree beach, dammit it's nice though it's still under establishing. We shall buy one if we could afford! haha..

The trip gang consisted of (from top left) Lau the shy guy, Mei Yee the bamboo, Phoenix the 大四喜, Chai Leng the teeth, Tiong the camera man, (from bottom left) Wai Hong the bad drinker, Ben the leng zai haha, Ken the noob, Ko the landlord.. And most importantly, the event organizer aka boss-Dr Kwang-who took this pic for us. Haha im not going to show his face, dont let u all disturb him.. xD

Here we have the seafood lunch.. The 1st one is the shark meat!! Have u ever sharked a shark? haha.. The 2nd one is the goddamn crabs!! Im allergic to those! >:'{ Not showing the other dishes cuz it's just some seafoods!! haha..

宝芝林!黄飞鸿!haha this is the bou ji lam somewhere near the beach! which dont do martial arts but sell ganoderma (灵芝) products! The plastic in my hand is the ling ji~ Hehe.. But too bad no photographing is allowed in the shop, if not can take some pics with the young promoters.. XvX

a mi tuo fo~ but i dunno i have a pair of rabbit ears?!

And i also visited my supervisor aka mr ko's sister's frog farm, it's 牛蛙, so damn big as u can see. They're meant to be eaten! Kesian.. ~-~

Haha i miss the trip.. Though part of my closer colleagues didnt go.. Next year still got or not, Dr Kwang? xP

Oh ya, and i went to my colleague's house warming party.. Damn they wanted to get me drunk that night, but too bad cuz their best drinker (also the one who made the get-ben-drunk plan) was absent due to sickness.. hahahaha... lalala try ur best lar dude~ hahahahahahaha...

My handsome pic.. haha i was so redish cuz of alcohol~ @.@

Captions are illustrated by my colleague-ah tut the party organiser-the white t shirt with glasses.. haha..

Beers, wines, whiskies...u'll be my permanent partner in this life.. @v@

Oh oh oh! Attached with the latest pic of mine. One day during work, was candid-ed and tagged by colleague in the below pic.. T.T

55555 was teased as kau lui in the library.. I didnt! I was helping her to setup the wifi for her mac book!! T,T But she's a cute girl.. hehe~ @v@

Haha.. to be continued..?