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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Coming + D300

UTAR had its 1st home coming event for its alumni. As usual, I needa take pic/video since it's in Kampar campus. Most of the photos below are taken by Nikon D300! (some are by D40x lar..) haha..

The 1st day..

Lee Wan Hui the big bully..

How Chi Yee the leech-attractor..

Kenny my photography sensei..

Clement the hawaiian boobs~ lol

the pj/sg long/setapak campus student rep.. (sorry we havent actually introduced to each others) haha..

The 2nd day, was brought to MyGopeng Resort.

Found ducks what I've not been seeing for a long long time..

..and turkey couple..

..and caged little monkeys.. well as caged civet..

We then headed to Gua Kandu~

Alumni and Kenny..

..and our guardians.. They're all nice fellas! hehe

Gua Kandu so de tsu nei..

As photographers, Kenny and I had to climb up before the alumni!

Pity us who carried the camera bags together..

In the cave..

..we snapped in the dark..

..we climbed in the dark..

..we sweated in the dark..

..and found bizarre stuff in the dark..

We then conquered the fear of darkness..

..with smelly perspiration and dirt..

..we achieved some kind of satisfaction, though..

Going back to resort with the hunger of WATER & FOOD!!!

Kenny and I had the most adventurous working experience ever! That was our 1st time taking photo and recording video in such circumstances that we had to get so damn dirty and dangerous to caving and jungle trekking while playing with the cameras!!

Ali (dark blue) & Ivan (yellow) are our tour guides. They are the nicest guides. :D

Leeches, had defeated all the other horrifying cave/jungle creatures and thus are crowned KING of the sickening objects in that trip!! haha

Wounds! Hahah.. Let me explain why I label ChiYee as leech-attractor. Cuz she had that leech been sucking her blood near her ASS and only found that out when we went back to resort from the jungle!! LOL!

People, work the "National Geographic" way was not easy but IT'S SERIOUSLY EXCITING!

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