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I'm short-sighted. So I can actually not seeing you clearly when you passby or are nearby me as I don't like putting on glasses. Please don't misunderstand that I'm so arrogant cause not waving at you or not saying hi to you or not responding to you, since I truly cannot recognize you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post Post Post!! 55555.. Why am I so lazy to update my blog? I could have forgotten how I've passed my days!! The life-forgetful BEN needs something to replace his brain memory!!

Whahahahaha.. I dunno where I shall begin with! Let's see what's in my picture archive~

Oh ya! In the "memory" of Emily and Xiao Wei who left UTAR before anyone else does!

Emily who went work at Singapore..

Xiao Wei who is still somewhere else in Malaysia.. lol

And under my concern, I'd celebrated Ken's birthday with colleages!

Esther aka syok sendiri > William aka astro boy > ah Ming aka bamboo > Ben aka @v@ > Ken aka Sau Sing Gong~ He drank 3 or 4 bottles of beer leh.. Too high at that night? Hahahahahahahahaha

Oh Oh Oh!! And I attended the wedding of Lim and Hui Ting! Haha..

They are just so sweet~ OvO
May happiness be with you two~ :D

Their wedding dinner was held at their hometown-Setiawan. So a gang of colleagues traveled and stayed overnight at Hotel Crystal which has got the following unique feature in its rooms.

A wall could be found behind the curtains!! WTH so funny larr!! LOL..

We visited to..

Some kind of bridge..haha..

Some kind of beach..gege..

Shh.. Don't tell the president..


One remarkable visit was to the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan.

My 1st time observing "leaning tower".. Ok lar, kinda lean lar.. haha..

(visited some other places lar but i dont have the pic in this pc, so to be continued~)

Yaaa, and then until the mid-autumn! Kampar staffs had organized a celebration at the old place--staff lounge. And one of the prizez I won from the lantern riddles was~

Plant plant is green and GREEN~ hehehe.. And this is the 1st time I keep a plant for myself.. hehe...

OK I'll stop here cuz the next post contains a lot of pics ler.. hehe..

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